Prolyte Campus at Palm India: Creating awareness as a process

Featuring Prolyte Campus Live sessions on the PALM India for the third time in a row, this year it was my turn to perform the seminars. Travelling to India professionally for the first time, I had a certain perception of the market and the level of knowledge. I anticipated a large gap in professionalism and knowledge.

The Prolyte Campus Live sessions are an initiative of Modern Stage Service and Prolyte Group – for this year, Natura strengthened the cooperation. Natura is a company that trains people in working on heights and safe climbing. For this purpose they use the Natura adventure Tower, a ground support based on Prolyte ST towers and S100RV truss. This tower is a multi-activity tower, which offers a chance to rig up adventure activities, such as wall climbing and the leap of faith. Meeting the Natura team, I was pleasantly surprised to find a professional team with a similar attitude towards training persons. We share the experience that it is impossible to change the mind-set of persons in just a few days. Creating awareness on safety and a constructive attitude towards health and safety issues is a process that needs patience and continuous training.

From my personal standpoint, if it’s possible to contribute to that process through my lectures and presentations, I feel I already have achieved something, when somebody starts to think of ‘why’ they do things the way they do it, instead of just doing what you have always done. When that happens we’re one step in the process. Starting at the basics, making persons aware of what they do and why they do it like that, I interlace that in my training on the design of truss, the different forces on truss, reading and understanding the loading tables and the correct way of loading the truss. Most of this information can also be found in the Prolyte BlackBook.

Tying in to daily practise I also lectured on wind loading and ballast – how these are crucial in safely construction of outdoor structures. The effect of wind on any structure is enormous and should never be underestimated, knowing what you can do to prevent that the structure will fly in the air, tilts over or moves can be live saving. Natura performed a demonstration on how to rescue a person falling from the structure. All the actions and steps were explained and highlighted by Avishkar Tendle of Natura. Between the lectures and demo’s visitors were invited to experience a safe climbing instruction on the Natura adventure tower.

Speaking with many of the training participants my conclusion is that the level of knowledge on truss and rigging is not low, as is the general perception; it’s just very unbalanced. Some of the people I spoke to didn’t have a clue and others really were quite knowledgeable. This poses a challenge to all technical staff – to raise the knowledge level you not only need to train and be trained, but also to share your experiences, making it a shared responsibility to create awareness step-by-step

Prolyte Campus at Palm India


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