Prolyte Campus blog: Uniqueness of lifting shackles

The first one that comes to mind, reading shackles will be the common type used in the entertainment business, known as: screw pin anchor shackle, and also referred to as screw pin bow shackle. The following remark however is just as valid for this one: the screw pin chain shackle, or D-shackle.

The issue:
Often the remark is heard that the body(the ? omega or U-shaped part) of the shackle, and the shackle pin (or bolt) are a unique combination, that should always stay together.

The reply:
That type of remark is absolutely false.

In the manufacturing plant the two parts are produced complete separate of each other in different machines and processes. Only at the very end the two will meet, in order to be shipped out.

Somewhat similar to the tapered steel pins and bi-conical connectors of Prolyte that only will meet the trusses at the first trail build at the plant or – more often - the first production the user sets the into action.

The verdict:
You can mix the parts of one manufacturer in one capacity-range, but don’t mix shackle parts of different manufacturers, even if they have the same load rating. Just as you should not mix components of truss brands that make bi-conical connector systems.


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