Prolyte blog: What to do with a truss that is damaged beyond repair?

Like we explained in one of the Prolyte technical blogs, you should check your truss regularly to make sure it is still in good condition. You can’t afford to have an unsafe truss in a construction and have higher risk of failure.

But what to do when you discover a truss which shows signs of (serious) damage that can’t be repaired by a qualified person? Like the Prolyte BlackBook says: If deficiencies are noted during an inspection of trusses that preclude further safe use, the truss must then be discarded. This means: render the product unusable for further use.

So: it should be destroyed. And that’s exactly what you can see in the video below.

It is not necessary to use an excavator to destroy a discarded truss, but it is an impressive example. We do recommend to arrange the disposal via the manufacturer/supplier or a metal recycling company. It's the only real safe way of protecting others from risks generated by defective material. It's also better for the environment, to make sure that the aluminum is recycled.
A checklist for visual inspections can be found in chapter 18 in the BlackBook.

Read the Prolyte BlackBook

Another great Campus. Like always, Matthias is able to bring the rather complex and dry facts in a very interesting way. Thumbs up!

Ben Dehmer CB Akustik