Ignition 2018 - Intro to Truss Rigging with AC Lighting

When: 12 January 2018 till 13 January 2018
Location: Toronto, Canada
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Ignition is CITT Ontario Section's start to the New Year, a professional development event for students and working professionals. Held at Ryerson University’s School of Performance campus, just off Young and Dundas Square. 

Friday January 12th will be our 15th year holding the Student Job Fair on Ryerson Theatre's stage, followed by a Social Night hosted by IATSE local 58. The job fair is free and open to all, but registration is mandatory (the job fair is also included in the Full-event registration).

Saturday January 13th, we will be providing a number of educational sessions; from the very successful truss session held in Saint John this summer to DOT2 training, Demystifying Audio and Sholem Dolgoy’s “Lighting Different Skin Tones”. We are also planning a panel discussion on the world of sales that supports, and is such an integral part, of our industry. Read more about the sessions offered here.

Saturday 13 January: Intro to truss rigging presented by AC Lighting

Introduction to Truss Rigging Level: Introduction Description: This educational session will introduce participants to a myriad of technical and safety strategies regarding truss. Workshop Highlights:

1. Learn efficient and safe truss building practices
2. Educate students about trussing options
3. Review the Technicalities of Trussing (i.e. calculating loads on structures, etc.) and learn how to read load tables on truss.

After attending this session, attendees will be able to: Calculate loads and forces on truss, understand best trussing options for various types of projects, understand and initiate best safety practices, distinguish between the various trussing types and understand efficient truss building methods.

Presenter: Matthijs Meijer, Distributor Manager, Prolyte Group & Remi Bourgeois, Prolyte Sales A.C. Lighting Limited to 20 people!

source: www.citt.org

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Stage Electrics is excited to welcome back another Prolyte Campus! This course will be a brilliant starting point to learn more about the range of trussing and learn tips and tricks that will help you take your designs to the next level.

Thanks for bringing Rinus Bakker down for the course. It was entirely worth every penny and every minute and I learnt a hell of a lot! I believe that this contributes to bringing up the Industry to a whole new level in the country.

Darion Garish Blackout Lighting - South Africa, Director