How to organize a Prolyte Campus

Prolyte Campus events are organized in cooperation with Prolyte distributors and are mostly organized at the premises of the distributor. Please look on our event section to find more information on planned events, or contact your local distributor for more information.

Duration & Costs
A Prolyte Campus event normally takes one full day and is free of charge.

Prolyte Campus offers the following topics: (Each topic requires 1 full Campus day)

1.     Prolyte product range
        Explanation on the product range of ProlyteStructures, ProlyteSystems, StageDex and the philosophy behind it.

2.     Truss technical
        How to use the truss, tips and trick for clever use and effective investments. Forces, types of loading and their effect on truss.

3.     Truss Technical Advanced
        Supports, strength, stability, stiffness, structural report, Internal forces, Calculating spans, comparison calculation.

4.     Truss Inspection, Maintenance and regulation + hands on session
        Learn the ins and outs periodic inspection for (Prolyte) truss.

5.     Ground support - Basic information, tips and tricks + hands on
All you need to know about ground support systems incl. build-up of a small MPT tower system.
        Requires the organizing party to have an MPT tower system.

6.     Temporary demountable structures – Standards, Regulations and basic requirements
        All about in- and outdoor (roof) structures. Definitions, standards, ballast, guy wires, etc.

7.     ARC roof build up session
How to build a roof safely, hands on session; Going through all the ins and outs of competent roof building following the practical building step-by-step.
        Requires the organizing party to have an ARC roof system.

8.     StageDex technical
        How to use the stage decks elements, LiteDeck and Barriers. Tricks for clever use and effective investments. Forces, types of loading and their effect on stage elements.


I really think truss should not be sold unless the person completes this course. There is a lot of information that is very good - people don’t always realize the complexity of trussing systems. There are many things that uniformed safety officers want, that actually at the end of the day could result in creating an issue. It’s a very good course

Anthony Banks Gearhouse