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Do you know that feeling? You just dropped that in dispensable piece of trussing or staging equipment – which is now damaged beyond repair – or you realise you forgot to pack that one crucial piece, but your show is tonight. Now what? How to get the right piece in on time? Prolyte has a solution for that.

Find or be found!

With the free Prolyte Locator app you’re able to find sales or rental points close to where you are located at that moment. Furthermore it shows you what is in stock at the distributing points at that time and place. Get the replacements in quickly and save your show! With the existing Prolyte Locator app already much used as a tool to find your nearest Prolyte rental or sales point, Prolyte set out to re-design this handy tool to become even better.

Download the free Prolyte Locator app IOS

Download the free Prolyte Locator app Android


“This tool is ideal! We just were able to locate and arrange some pieces of Prolyte truss in Berlin we came short for our production there”. iVento - Creative structures & Events

Get listed

Already over 500 Prolyte distributors, service points, sales and rental partners are listed on our Locator app. It’s a handy tool that not only lists our partners and where to buy or rent Prolyte products; it provides an overview of events, campus seminars and exhibitions all in one place. If you’re a Prolyte stockist, don’t miss this unique and free opportunity to join the network – send us your details to confirm your listing. 

“Being part of the Prolyte rental partner program and the fact that we can be located with the Prolyte Locator app gives us better exposure in the market”. Fiedler - Veranstaltungstechnik.

Available for all iOS and Android devices

Compatibility and quality make Prolyte the ideal partner for rigging equipment for our company.

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