FAQ - Product questions

  1. Can I powder coat my truss?

    Yes, most trusses can be powder coated any colour you like. You can order this directly from your supplier. Existing or old trusses can also be powder coated.


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  2. Can I use my Stage decks outdoors?

    Yes, the Top line deck has a water resistant coating and anti-skidding top layer, which makes them suitable for outdoor use. Have a look at all our StageDex products.

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  3. Does Prolyte have traceability on their products?

    Yes, with the implementation of the EN1090 regulations in our factory, all our products have backwards traceability. The decal and individual marking (picture) you can find on all our products leads back to date of production, welder, materials batch and material supplier. Read more in our EN1090 blog series.

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