MIA completes their training centres with Prolyte


From its headquarters in the United Kingdom, MIA Sports Solutions design and support a portfolio of advanced golf technology products and solutions that substantially improve the performance and profitability of the client’s business.

MIA operates in a global marketplace supporting in excess of 1300 customers located in countries across Europe, North Africa, The Middle East and Asia. MIA’s vision is to apply the highest levels of innovation, standards and customer service at all times building long term partnerships with our clients.

TechExcellence was specifically designed to deploy advanced and fully integrated teaching and club fitting technologies. The vision was to create an industry driven facility that showcased not only the very best product brands, but critically deployed them into a fully integrated solution that professionally demonstrated the very best in design, efficiency and profitability.

For their studios and training centres in countries like the UK, Portugal, UAE, Maldives, Abu Dhabi and Azerbaijan MIA uses a variety of Prolyte products to support their high tech training facilities and body track systems, like GEARS. These very precise installations require products that are equally equipped to make the studios and training facilities fully integrated.
“We have been using Prolyte product in a variety of set-up and are really happy with the way these products work for us – we use it an almost all our facilities” comments Andrew Keast from MIA Sports Solutions.

MIA Sports Solutions

We share a similar philosophy with the people at Prolyte – they strive to be the best in their field – like we do

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