Prolyte Arc Roof for Pop Up Live


Belgium based Party Constructions is touring Belgium this summer with “Pop Up Live”. This event for Belgian broadcast channel VRT One is hosted by Peter Van de Veire, one of Belgians most liked Radio DJ’s. National and international guests will take the stage in a row of concerts, touring throughout Belgium.

For this tour, Party Constructions uses their Prolyte ARC roof system, in combination with a catwalk, created from Prolyte StageDex elements.

"The Prolyte materials really work well together, comments Andy van de Winckel, from Party Constructions, “That’s why we like to work with Prolyte products. We were able to make a flawless connection between the stage and the catwalk”.

“For this show we have used a range of Prolyte products to be able to follow the original stage design. In addition to the ARC roof stage we have 2 catwalks, one running parallel to the stage and one catwalk perpendicular to the stage, ending in an oval shape. It’s great to see the product range is so flexible”.

Furthermore Party Constructions created some technical facilities, in combination with Layher substructures. They created a monitor platform to the left side and a changeover platform to the right side of the stage.

“We have created our own connection between the Layher and Prolyte systems, these systems really work well together”, Andy van de Winckel states. Three Layher towers are added to create a solid base for the decoration.

Since the Live event has a busy touring schedule, it is paramount that the whole set-up can be build easy and fast. “With Prolyte we don’t need to worry about the reliability of the products, they just work”, concludes Andy van de Winckel.
The Pop Up Live tour can be followed on Facebook

Material list:
1 x Prolyte ARC 10 x 8m. Roof system, based on Easy frame B
4 x Curved StageDex SM-D-TR100
3 x Prolyte Easy stairs, for catwalk and platform access.
And StageDex 200x100 for the catwalks and platforms.

More information about the Prolyte Arc Roof

Selling a roof system is a complex procedure, a roof system is an investment for the long term and the owner needs not only to know how to build it correct and safely, but also should be aware how to use it most efficiently on future projects. The support we get from Prolyte really makes the difference

Jean Paul Gaspard Audioconcept C.A., Venezuela