Prolyte structure for the Voice of Croatia


When Croatian Prolyte distributor Perinic Sistemi D.O.O was approached by the National Broadcast Company to supply all trussing and rigging for the Voice of Croatia, they felt anticipation surging immediate.

As one of the most prestigious projects for the HRT - Croatian National television, the team of Perinic knew that everything they would supply had to be flawless and on the spot.

The massive structure Perinic supplied, providing the background set design for the show, is a combination of CT towers, with a grid of B100RV. Four huge towers, linked with B100RV trusses are used to support the video screens and lighting fixtures determining the visual impact during the show.

Furthermore H40V trusses were used to provide pre-rig grids for set and audience lighting. Next to that, lots of H30 trusses were used on different locations in the studio for all kinds of applications. All flown constructions were suspended from the ProLyft Aetos hoists, used in different capacities, ranging from 250 to 1000kg.

“With a popular program like the Voice you certainly don’t want to take any risk. We’re really proud to show our capacity as a rigging and trussing company for this prestigious project”, says Vinko Perinic, owner of Perinic Sistemi. “Prolyte trusses and hoists have proven to be reliable and safe, for us they offer the best solution for applications like this– Prolyte products simply perform”.

Prolyte was shortlisted as the best possible manufacturer – a choice we never have regretted

Laurynas Paškevicius Stage Technical Service, Lithuania