White Light's investments pay dividends


White Light has recently invested in two new pieces of equipment that reflect the company's recent expansion as well as further cement its reputation as a leading production supplier: the Martin MAC Aura XB and the Prolyte S36PRA truss.

Dave Isherwood, White Light's hire and technical director, comments, "It's fantastic that we are able to invest in such ground-breaking equipment. As we continue to work on highly technical and innovative projects, we need the resources, which can help make these a reality. Both the Martin MAC Aura XB and Prolyte S36PRA truss reflect the high standards which the company implements and we can now use them on various projects to ensure that each one achieves its maximum potential."

The Prolyte S36PRA truss is making similar repercussions in the field of rigging. Dave comments, "We have used Prolyte trusses for several years now. Our existing stock of H30V and X30D (30cm box and triangular truss) has been used on literally hundreds of projects, including fashion shows, touring concerts, corporate events, theatre shows, exhibitions and broadcast work. This latest investment will allow us to use the very latest that Prolyte has to offer." The truss was first used by White Light on the recent UK Tour of the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular, produced by BBC Worldwide and Vision Nine. It was also used on the recent one-off 50 Cent and G-Unit concert held at London's O2 arena.

The Prolyte S36PRA truss is equipped with a pivoting pin-fork connection system, making it fast and easy to assemble. Designed as a pre-rig truss for moving heads, the truss has a flexible cross and linear braces on the topside to accommodate any type of luminaire. Another advantage is that the trusses and dollies can be easily stacked for storage or transport.

The company says White Light's recent investment in both the Martin MAC Aura XB and Prolyte S36PRA truss not only increases the company's large stock range but also reiterates its desire to provide its clients with the best technology available. Isherwood comments: "The main thing for us is fulfilling our client's needs. Whenever we invest in stock like this, we are doing so ultimately thinking about how it can benefit our extensive and varied client list."


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