AVS and Lowveld Sound Promotions join forces


AVS Hire and Lowveld Sound PromotionsTwo leading rental companies in Nelspruit, South Africa, have joined forces. Lowveld Sound Promotions officially merged with AVS Hire at the start of June and have made their first combined investment of Prolyte H30V trussing and baseplates, supplied by DWR Distribution.

Kyle Nel from AVS and Sakkie Coetzer from Lowveld Sound had often quoted against each other for events. With both young men like-minded in work ethics and each backed up with a good crew, they started playing with the idea of integrating both companies a couple of years ago.

“It’s nice to have back up and a person to second guess with,” said Kyle. “Together we can become a dot on the map and we can raise the bar as technical suppliers.”

Sakkie agreed that the merge would provide a solid infrastructure to enable the supply of large-scale shows or events. The new Prolyte pieces will expand their existing collection.

The new staff amalgamation will mean more hands to share the workload with the aim of increasing personal family time. Training will be that much easier to attend as there will be sufficient manpower to man the fort while individuals are away.

“This is a good partnership with great people,” said Robert Izzett of DWR. “We wish AVS everything of the best and would like to thank them for their much appreciated support.”

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Due to the quality of the Prolyte truss, we would be able to span the complete stage width of 40m with one single span, without any columns or support points.

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