How fast can you build?


The great thing with timelapse videos is that you can see the build of an enormous project without actually waiting days to see the complete structure. But they might be a bit unfair for the crew who worked on the project: days of blood, sweat and tears summarised in a built of a few seconds. That's why these videos deserve extra attention because the real build speed was very fast as well! Besides that, it is always fun to watch videos of projects with Prolyte products ;-) Have fun!

Cheek production tour

Great to see so many Prolyte products work together for the production of the Cheek tour! All products provided by Prolyte distributor Electro Waves Oy to its customers Roudaamo Event Warehouse, JDR Rigging and Aku’s Factory. Have a look at the case study of last year to see the complete stage.


Prolyte XXL Roof by Aku's Factory

We've got this great timelapse video of a Prolyte XXL Roof by Oy Aku’s Factory Ltd from Tampere, Finland. They probably set a record; dissassembling the stage, driving a few hundred kilometers and then rebuilding the stage within a couple of days!
More information about their XXL Roof can be found in the case study.


Istanbul Auto Show

Intro Music from Turkey uses a lot of Prolyte truss for their projects. They shared this nice video of the build for the Istanbul Auto Show. Have a look!

The sales people you trained on Friday were all extremely positive. You have given them lots to think about.

Adam Blaxill Stage Electrics, United Kingdom