PSAV Dubai invests in ProLyft


PSAV has added to its inventory with trussing from Prolyte and ProLyft chain hoists. The purchase was made through the manufacturer’s local partner, Provision AVL, and will help PSAV to fulfil its new contract with Madinat Jumeirah.

"We received the exclusive contractual rights for rigging at the entire resort of Madinat Jumeriah", explained Alex Jimenez, director of event technology at PSAV Dubai. "I've chosen to move to ProLyft motors due to various reasons. We found the body and weight of motor made it an easy unit to work with. In addition, there is precision in the chain speed across all motors and they have very friendly controllers".

"We supplied them with 30 of the latest ProLyft chain hoists as well as a complete set of four Prolyft Pro controllers and chunk of H40V Prolyte trusses", added Provision AVL general manager, Kevin Boujikian. "These hoists and trusses will be used in the pre-rigging of a lot of the upcoming major productions in Dubai".

The fact that they can rely on Provision AVL to provide all support, maintenance and re-certification for the hoists is a big plus. All ProLyft Service Points do stock spare parts and have expert in-house knowledge for the complete range.


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Based on the high quality products from Prolyte and their ever-enthusiastic support we were able to open up new markets and develop new business opportunities

Laurynas Paškevicius Stage Technical Service, Lithuania