Rigging Box invests in Prolyte truss


Rigging Box, part of the Ampco Flashlight Group, is a dry-hire rigging company with a wide range of truss, chain-hoists and other rigging equipment. Rigging Box started in 2004 and serves a large part of the Dutch market, as well as projects throughout Europe, like events, festivals, theatres or tours.

Rigging Box always has put a high emphasis of supplying well maintained and top quality products to its customers’ base, just what you like to see in a rigging supplier. Although dry-hire is their main business, their outstanding service and support is what customers come back for.

Prolyte Group and the Rigging Box always had a close relation, both being of Dutch origin. A warehouse full of Prolyte truss, ranging from X30D truss to B100, and tower systems, like the ST and CT towers is proove of that.

But the relationship works both ways, with the equipment out on the road 365 days a year, Rigging Box is also a valuable source of user feedback.

Rigging Box invests in Prolyte truss

With the Truss exchange programme running into its last months, this was a good incentive for Rigging Box to swop some of the old and very well used trussing equipment for more brand new Prolyte truss. Rigging Box invests heavily in more H30V and S52V truss.

As Marco de Koff, Managing Director Rigging Box comments: “Of course we already own quite a batch of Prolyte truss, but still, if we were to choose again, no doubt, it would be Prolyte. The high quality of the products and the endless application possibilities make the cost of ownership relatively low, that’s an important factor for us”.

Date Jonkman, sales responsible for Prolyte adds: “It always a pleasure working with the Rigging Box team, they know their business inside out. It’s also very rewarding to see a company that is so dedicated to taking real care off its trussing stock, delivering well-maintained products”.

Just in time for, yet again a busy season, the new Prolyte stock arrived end of April at Rigging Box.



Our experiences with this new ProLyft system are really positive. Rigging and outlining line-array systems is now very fast and accurate. Furthermore, the installing teams we’re a pleasure to work with.

Arnold van Duijn Chief Operational Services, Concertgebouw Amsterdam