Sans Frontiere updates trussing stock with Prolyte


Just before the closing of the favourable conditions of the Truss Exchange programme, Sans Frontiere decided to exchange their old ASD trusses for bright new Prolyte truss.

Made aware of the programme by Prolyte distributor AED Distribution, Sans Frontiere has invested in a diverse stock of Prolyte trusses, like the H40R in black, H30V and some circular trusses.
Olivier Balthazar, Chef de Projets at Sans Frontiere explains why they have chosen to exchange their trusses: “Prolyte is without doubt the standard for the professional entertainment industry, there’s excellent availability and cross rental possibilities in the market, that’s why we decided to upgrade our trussing stock with Prolyte. In particular, the H40R is an interesting truss, the reduced size in combination with a very high loading capacity makes it very suited for rental purposes. AED were instrumental for us in this deal, their advice has been very helpful”.

Sans Frontiere, AED and Prolyte 
In the picture: Olivier Balthazar, Sans Frontiere, Luc Haubursin, AED Distribution and Matthijs Meijer, Prolyte.

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