Winners of the Prolyte Christmas competition


Wow, that was fun.
As part of our 25th anniversary celebrations we invited you to send in some Christmas designs, made from truss.
It's wonderful to see that a such a non-sexy product can be transformed to something either beautiful or fun. We are proud that Prolyte truss inspires our users to use their creativity.

We received some very nice pictures for the Christmas competition. Have a look at the winners below. They might inspire you to build something nice for Christmas - while there still is some time.

Thanks for a great year!
Keep up your great work with our products, and remember: Be safe out there!

Picture by: Jamie, Daniel and Paul of Black Light

"So me and a couple guys here at Black Light saw your offer of submissions for the competition. Our minds immediately went crazy. For this build we used the following equipment.

4m of S52V truss, 4m radius H30V truss, 1t ProLyft Aetos hoist, 250kg ProLyft hoist (shackles beam clamps and coated swr truss wraps).
Robe patt 2013 (star), Clay Paky spheriscan (side and back light), Fairly lights (lots of em), Osram krios par (S52V truss warmer), ETC source 4 (gobo projection).
Have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year, from everyone here at Black Light!"

Picture by: Jonas Bellemans of Sound&co

"We used the following equipment:
8 x X30D-L200, 2 x X30D-L300, 1 x X30D-C024, 1 x X30D Circle Truss Ø5m 8 cuts, 15 x steel 1m, 3 DOUGHTY halfcoupler M12 ring, 100M LED Guirlandes (200 Led lamps)"

Picture by: Malte Schön of HVMC Show- & Veranstaltungstechnik

Picture by: Roy Verschoor

"Christmas in Leuven, Belgium."

Picture by: Graham Murray of Fluid Productions


Picture by: Present Patrick, DBG Sound and Light

Picture by: Mark Jongeneelen, hbmaxevents



Picture by: Pim van Doremalen

Picture by: Richard van den Thoorn

Due to the quality of the Prolyte truss, we would be able to span the complete stage width of 40m with one single span, without any columns or support points.

Eduardo Brewer PROMontaje