Custom Prolyte Heavy Duty Truss for HIGH AND SAFE

HIGH AND SAFE, a Rigging service company based in Remscheid, has chosen a special heavy-duty design from Prolyte. The heavy-duty truss, made according to customer requirements, was given the name D125RV.

The rigging specialists from HIGH AND SAFE already own various trusses from Prolyte - including B100RV and S66R truss - but have recently experienced increasing pressure, due to the steadily growing requirements in the market in general and in the touring business in particular with the existing material.

The D125RV fits perfectly into the company's product portfolio, which handles several large event halls in North Rhine-Westphalia. As the name suggests, the custom truss is 125 centimeters high. The width is 75 centimeters. Prolyte uses the D75T heavy duty truss as the technical basis for special constructions.

Mike Abt and Henning Hackerschmied, the two managing directors of HIGH AND SAFE, are convinced of the new product. "The main purpose of our trussing systems is the erection of temporary structures," as Henning Hackerschmied explains. "It is quite simple to reach the desired position between two existing hanging points in a roof, which does not permit a bridle in a constructive manner, with the help of a Prerig truss. As a rule, smaller truss systems are sufficient. If, however, the trusses of a roof, which are intended to contain all the hanging points of a production, are overloaded, a check is done." As more and more music (tour) productions have become increasingly complex in the recent past, the burden of distribution has become ever more urgent. It was thus soon clear that the cross-section stock had to be extended to the top.

Although the heavy duty trusses of the Prolyte Mammoth truss were already available; the cut sizes of the D75T were still not sufficient and the design of the M145RV for the purposes of HIGH AND SAFE had not yet been quite optimal. So it was decided to talk with Prolyte about a custom solution. Relatively quickly it became clear that on the basis of the D75T truss a very universal solution in the form of the D125RV could be created.
D125RV truss and B100RV truss

"The truss has been designed somewhat more narrowly than the M145RV to reduce the distance between possible supports. The 80x10mm main tube of the D75T has been deliberately chosen to allow the huge forces to be introduced into the crossmembers without damaging them. The length of 2500 millimeters per element has also been deliberately chosen in order to be able to handle the trusses as well as possible," says Hackerschmied, describing the properties of the D125RV.

"The D125RV is certainly not just a special solution for a unique occasion, but a thought through heavy duty crossbeam for large spans and enormous loads, which is developed in close cooperation with the user," concluded Hackerschmied.

The trusses were delivered by Cast C.ADOLPH & RST DISTRIBUTION GmbH from Hagen, the only Prolyte Heavy Duty Competence Center in Germany.

The HIGH AND SAFE Abt & Hackerschmied GbR offers a wide range of services in the field of rigging, from planning to feasibility analysis to trade management and production execution for concerts, TV shows, trade fairs, corporate events and fixed installations.

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