Japanese rental companies invest in Prolyte products


Japanese based rental companies Kyushu Butai and Hiryu Sobihas recently changed their complete inventory of trusses and staging systems for Prolyte products.

Mr.Yoshinobu Yasunaga, Managing Director of Kyushu Butai, was introduced to the Prolyte brand during the World Lighting Fair, back in 2012. His interest was stirred by Prolyte’s broad range of products, which proved to be fairly unknown in Japan at that time. He was specially charmed by the ease of use and practical approach of the staging and trussing.  

Stressing the product qualities, he also convinced Mr. Noritaka Kuwahara General Manager of Hiryu Sobi, sister company of Kyushu Butai, to invest in StageDex. The fact that you can build your stage floors without the need for tools and the unlimited flexibility of the system made it an easy deal. As a result, both Kyushu Butai and Hiryu Sobi have made the full swing to the Prolyte StageDex system, investing not only in the decking, but also in telescopic legs, adjustable stairs, ramps and a large variety of accessories.

Both Hiryu Sobi and Kyushu Butai are based in the Kyushu region, located in the western part of Japan. Both sister companies supply services and equipment to the entertainment market, Hiryu Sobi focussing on sports events and concerts and Kyushu Butai specializing in exhibition, conference and installation projects for theme parks and retail facility management.

The Prolyte kit was used for a range of events, like: The inauguration of the new Trans Kyushu bullet train (Shinkansen), the Americas cup in Fukuoka and the Saga Balloon Fiesta, sponsored by BMW.

After this initial and successful introduction to the Prolyte brand both companies were looking to expand their rental portfolio with more Prolyte products. Both have used some Prolyte truss for a trial period, allowing their rigging department to research and experience the advantages of the conical coupling system as well as the high loading qualities of the Prolyte truss.

Impressed with the performance of the Prolyte H30V truss and satisfied with the service and reliability of the Prolyte team they have decided to change their complete trussing and staging inventory to Prolyte. Having just received their first batches of truss, towers, and staging products Kyushu Butai plans to continue to increase its inventory with additional ground support systems and roof systems.  

As Mr. Yasunaga explained: “Prolyte supply first quality products and give high priority toward product and user safety. The fact that their roof systems are fully compliant to Eurocode is really important for our company. The products we have invested in so far, really have paid off in respect to faster and safer performance. Furthermore, the investment in a worldwide recognized A-brand has stipulated the leading role Kyusu Butai play in Japan, offering our customers only the best of the best.”

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