Prolyte Rigging Course kick-off for 2018 at DWR Distribution


DWR Distribution kicked of the year with a rigging course. Rinus 'Rhino" Bakker of Rhino Rigs, who cooperates with Prolyte Group, delivered an extensive five-day training course on Rigging Basics in Johannesburg end of January.

B Maputle; R Bakker; D Heathon; and J Schouw
B Maputle; R Bakker; D Heathon; and J Schouw

Since 2007, Rhino Rigs has delivered 18 of these training courses in SA, with the support of DWR and Prolyte Group. The course is brand agnostic and steps across the lines of brand specifics to addresses rigging technology in a broader sense.

Bakker explains that one of the primary focus areas of the training is establishing health and safety standards for entertainment rigging internationally and implementing these standards at a local level. "The big international artists who perform world tours will not have one rider for America and another for Europe - and therefore it stands to reason that standards should be the same across the world where ever possible," states Bakker.

Over the past four years, Bakker has been involved in the consultative process that has resulted in the establishment of an international code of practice for entertainment rigging, known as ICOPER - which was published recently by the Entertainment Services and Technology Association (ESTA) and the Professional Lighting and Sound Association (PLASA). 

The practices described in the Code are intended to provide a universal foundation for those engaged in planning, managing and executing entertainment rigging. ICOPER also provides guidelines for those who wish to develop policy, design training content or help establish certification criteria.

"I talked with the executive director of SACIA, Kevan Jones during my visit to South Africa to discuss the implementation of ICOPER in South Africa as well as the continued accreditation of our training courses by the national body," Bakker explains.

The Rhino Rigs and Prolyte Group rigging training has been very well received by participants and continues to be one of DWR's seminal training opportunities for local riggers. "Over the seven years that I have been providing training for riggers in South Africa, 90% of participants indicate that they are very satisfied with the level of training provided" states Bakker. "I travel all over the world, and can compare many different markets, however, what sets South Africa apart is the people," says Bakker. "Robert Izzett and the team at DWR are always so accommodating, and participants are eager to learn and develop their skills," he concludes.

Source: Pro Systems

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