Double Dutch for TSD Group


By bringing in an expert product team from Prolyte to perform a Prolyte Campus training as well as executing the necessary installation training to become a ProLyft Service point, TSD continues to invest in the promotion of Prolyte products in Argentina.

As Daniel Lema, COO of TSD Group, comments: ”Raising awareness through providing training and knowledge is a very effective way to introduce the Argentinian market to the Prolyte products. After last years training, we had much requests for another training, so I’m really glad to have Ivo and Jasper here, to lend their knowledge. It’s very rewarding to see how much can be learned from this expert team.”

TSD Group hosts Prolyte Campus

In cooperation with TSD Group, Argentina, Prolyte Group has organized a Prolyte Campus event in Buenos Aires aimed exclusively for companies whom already have Prolyte products.
Attended by a crowd of enthusiast participants Ivo Mulder, Brand Manager Roof Systems, performed an on-site building training, pointing out all the important and vital tips and tricks during the building process, providing the participants insight, hands-on experience and, most important, awareness on how to safely build a roof structure. For the training, TSD Group provided a ST 20x14 roof system.

During the hands-on presentation all the aspects of roof building were be highlighted and explained, offering professional knowledge first hand.

Jasper van der Sluis, ProLyft product engineer, was on site to offer extensive practical knowledge for the ProLyft Aetos hoists.

TSD Group starts as ProLyft Service point

After the initial set-up and installation training, performed by Jasper van der Sluis, TSD is now able to service and certify the ProLyft hoists for their customers. Becoming a ProLyft Service point is another step forward for TSD, who are now not only able to provide the ProLyft hoists and spare parts from stock, but can also perform all maintenance and reparation services in-house.

“Another big asset for us”, highlights Daniel Lema, “We can now provide a full package of entertainment hardware to our customer base, from truss, barriers, to stages and hoists. Being able to provide that one-stop-shop service is a big plus”.

Paul-Eric Haseloop, sales representative for Prolyte, concludes:” Daniel and his team are great to work with, apart form the hard work, there’s also lots of fun and good humour to share. We’re really content with the way TSD not only raises brand awareness for Prolyte but also engages to raise standard.

Staging manager Shahid kept happy and Prolyte decks made this job so easy and kept the venue happy as well

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