Giant Mona Lisa of Prolyte S52SV


An experiential and PR stunt company with a seemingly simple request to “create an easel” approached Rigging Services. The 14m high easel displaying a giant Mona Lisa mosaic was to be installed on London’s Clapham Common. Time pressures, budget restrictions and technical challenges meant this would not be an easy task.

Rigging Services came up with a concept that in effect reversed the orientation of a standard Prolyte RT Tower that was dimensionally already a good fit. The design, by Rigging Services’ in-house team, also incorporated a 4m length of Prolyte S52SV truss along the rear of the rigging tower mast to provide additional strength. Added to this was a “picture frame” constructed using Prolyte H30V truss upon which the artwork would be mounted. Calculations indicated an obvious requirement for ballast or anchoring. 

The complete structure weighed 3 tonnes and was anchored to the equivalent of 12 tonnes of ballast to secure it. The artwork stood at double the average height of a two-storey house. At 7m x 5m, the canvas itself was 85 times bigger than the original portrait by Leonardo Da Vinci and was composed of 84 self-portraits submitted by entrants to the Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year competition.

The installation went extremely well; Rigging Services delivered and built the structure overnight to facilitate a dawn reveal.

The record-breaking easel was the largest ever to be displayed in Europe.

About Rigging Services

Based in London, Birmingham and Manchester, Rigging Services offers the event industry a true “one stop shop” for the hire, sales and service of rigging equipment.

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