Prolyte Group certified in highest EN1090 production class


Prolyte Group is the first truss manufacturer to obtain the EN1090 certificate in the highest execution class, EN1090- 3 EXC3.

With certificates issued by no less than two independent certifying, notified bodies, the certification procedure has been very thorough.

Both the German TUV Nord and the Italian Rina-Simtex-OC have issued certificates for the Prolyte production facility in Romania, an exceptional achievement.

Prolyte now produces its load-bearing structures in execution class 3 (EXC3) and service class 1 (SC1) according to EN1090-3:”Technical requirements for the execution of aluminium structures”, and in compliance with the Factory Production Control according to EN 1090-1:2009 +A1: 2011.

As Mihai Hlihor, COO, states: "Obtaining the EN1090 certificates has been quite a process, although we never doubted that we would live up to the requirements, by choosing to be certified in execution class 3 (EXC3) we raised the barrier high for the whole production team involved".

Prolyte Group is also in the process of reviewing its structural calculations for all trusses, in order to comply with Euro Code 9.

All trusses have been recalculated following the new requirements, these renewed calculations are currently under review of the TUV Nord notified body in order to renew all the TUV certificates - current certificates will be valid through October 2014.

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For a rental company you need to think long-term when teaming up with a supplier, Prolyte is a partner that works now and in the future.

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