Prolyte Group Telephone lines


To facilitate direct access to our service departments, we have changed our telephone communication lines.

Direct numbers will grant direct access to the chosen department, offering easier contact with the desired persons or departments. Apart from these, all direct lines will remain active and unchanged.

The general Prolyte Group and Prolyte Sales NL number, +31549851515 will remain active, a menu will guide you to the select options.

For direct access to our service departments please dial:

Prolyte Sales NL:

Sales                                       +31594851555
Expedition                                +31594851539
Purchasing and planning            +31594851590

Prolyte Group:

Marketing                                 +31594851570
Product management                 +31594851540
& Engineering 
Finance                                     +31594851520
HRM                                         +31594851572

Please store these numbers in you systems for your convenience.

Please go to our who-is-who  page to find all contact details.

We strive to offer you our best service and hope this change will contribute to that.

Selling a roof system is a complex procedure, a roof system is an investment for the long term and the owner needs not only to know how to build it correct and safely, but also should be aware how to use it most efficiently on future projects. The support we get from Prolyte really makes the difference

Jean Paul Gaspard Audioconcept C.A., Venezuela