Prolyte Campus blog: Better get insurance

Looking in my files of “creative solutions” I found this picture where the need of conical connectors has been questioned by an entertainment technician. And entertaining it is.

The issue:  Good brand. Bad technician? But hey, not all performers have the x-factor either.
The answer:  There are sometimes good reasons to doubt the quality of a manufacturer, especially if they manufacture, not hindered by any knowledge, 5 or more different types of connection systems. But it is not up to the technician to temper with his equipment. Even if the manufacturer is not sure either.


Which of these two examples, both found in one and the same exhibition booth, is worse? These are perfect material for Dodgy Technicians. Also the perfect example why truss manufacturers should take care about safety and providing knowledge next to selling truss!

The verdict: If this safety question is really too puzzling for you, there is only one answer. Get insured. And get insured good and complete!
Oh irony. The last two pictures were taken at an exhibition booth for an insurance company. The letters in this picture say (in Dutch) ‘You are sitting….’  “… in the danger zone…” it should have said. But that is what the insurance company probably was not aware of.


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