Prolyte Campus at Cast, Germany

Donde: 27 April 2017 A 27 April 2017
Hora: 10:00 - 00:00
Categoría: Events Archive 2017

Dream BIG with the new BGR70 Truss by Prolyte.

Prolyte introduces the new BGR70 Heavy-Duty Truss. The special features of the truss are the rectangular profiles and the enormous stress values. At a height of only 69 cm, the crossmember can accommodate a central point load of almost 750 kg on a span of 45 meters.

Look forward to a hand-held breakfast with hand-made trusses.

Location: cast C.Adolph & RST Distribution GmbH, Kabeler Str. 54a, D-58099 Hagen
Date: 27.04.2017
Start: 10.00 am
Open end

Register now for the BGR70 Germany's premiere at Cast: bgr70_workshop
The event is free of charge.


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