What's Your Story

We value you as an integral member of the Prolyte family; you have a powerful voice and a unique story. Prolyte is seeking testimonials from individuals, groups and organisations about their experiences with Prolyte and its products.

Would you like to share your story? Use #prolyte or #whatsyourstory on Facebook or Twitter, or send your story, video or pictures to marketing@prolyte.com. To give you an easy way to send in your story, we've made a document to help you. You can download the What's your story document here.

"Prolyte and Mainstage Eventtechnik got a lot in common: High standards for quality, availability, reliability, education and customer support."
"I recently took ownership of Prolyte StageDex and Trussing, purchased from DWR Distribution."
"From the first batch of truss we bought, we were totally convinced Prolyte was the right choice."
"We are proud to say that Prolyte’s high quality products and its passionate team members have never disappointed us! We use Prolyte trussing on all events we work on."
"We love to work with Prolyte – it always works. Apart form that, the support is there when you need it – you always get an answer"
"We share a similar philosophy with the people at Prolyte – they strive to be the best in their field – like we do”
"Prolyte is the type of supplier any customer could dream off!"
"Our Prolyte system still stood proud after Manila was hit by a typhoon, where other constructions had major problems or even collapsed"

Our experiences with this new ProLyft system are really positive. Rigging and outlining line-array systems is now very fast and accurate. Furthermore, the installing teams we’re a pleasure to work with.

Arnold van Duijn Chief Operational Services, Concertgebouw Amsterdam