Laurynas Paškevicius - STS

Hi, I’m Laurynas. My company is Stage Technical Service based in Vilnius capital city of Lithuania. Our main activities are sales projects and rentals for both of which we use Prolyte equipment with great success. Stage Technical Service started its activities in 1987 as Rental Company. Back than we already had a significant engineering and production capacity; furthermore we designed and produced all staging equipment ourselves. Fuelled by a growing interest from our customers based in the former Soviet Union, we strongly developed our skills in roof structures and staging requirements.

Within the ever-changing landscape of the entertainment industry we knew we had to invest for the future and change our scope – we invested heavily in new, advanced professional equipment – rather than to produce our own. After a thorough evaluation, Prolyte was shortlisted as the best possible manufacturer – a choice we never have regretted. Although for us a risky move at that time – a considerable investment in Prolyte equipment, like a ST roof system and StageDex staging materials proved to be the right choice. Move over, since the collaboration with Prolyte proved to be the basis for a longstanding partnership, based on mutual trust.

Laurynas Paskevicius

It turned out to become a success; extending our services as Prolyte distributor and building a sales network gave us the opportunity to develop both our rental and sales capacities. We have now grown into the largest stage rental provider in the Baltic Stages, providing a complete package of Roof systems, Tower systems, truss, staging and ProLyft hoists.

Based on the high quality products from Prolyte and their ever-enthusiastic support we were able to open up new markets and develop new business opportunities. Even more, in Prolyte we have found a reliable partner, the people within the Prolyte team are always open-minded and supportive.

Our latest achievement is the installation as ProLyft Service Point. After a profound training we are now able to offer maintenance, repair and certification services for hoists to our customers – a great way to extend our service and support.   Being able to offer this extended one-stop-show service is yet another investment for the future.

So, what’s your story?


Laurynas Paskevicius

This training has had a major impact. The training was very good and highly important, because people in our region do not have a sufficient basic knowledge of safety, rigging etc

Vinko Perinic Perinic Sistemi, Croatia