Opening ceremonies for new Prolyte factory


Prolyte Group, renowned manufacturer of trussing and staging systems, officially opens its new purpose-built factory in Piatra Olt, Romania, by a series of opening ceremonies this week. Both distributors, press, governmental authorities and stakeholders are invited to join this celebration. By opening this ultra-modern manufacturing location, Prolyte reaffirms its vanguard position.

Prolyte Factory opening ceremony

The opening ceremonies started by officially cutting a ribbon, followed by a tour of the factory, explaining the production process as well as the quality control in detail by Craig Huskins, Technical Manager and Constantin Ciucia, Quality Manager.

Prolyte Factory opening ceremony

The tour was followed by speeches from Lambert Bouwmeester, CEO and Mihai Hlihor, COO, highlighting the efforts and achievements of all involved in this project, which links the Romanian and the Dutch Prolyte team in a common goal to excel as truss manufacturer.
Champagne and a traditional Romanian lunch concluded the day, which was highly appreciated by all guests.

Prolyte Factory opening ceremony

Have a look at the reportage of the Romanian press in the video below.

The reason we choose to buy Prolyte products is not only because they have great products, I think it¹s the sales support and service they supply that really were decisive for our choice.

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