Prolyte Locator App gets update


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The Prolyte Locator app has now been updated. More products can be found in the new version, including easy information on where the products are stocked. The locator app is available for both iOS and Android.
This handy and easy to use tool offers the unique chance to bring sales and rental companies and users together within one platform. Looking for Prolyte truss to rent or buy? Use the Locator app to locate the nearest Prolyte stock for ultimate convenience.

Almost 600 Prolyte distributors, service points, sales and rental partners are listed on our Locator app. It’s a handy tool that not only lists our partners and where to buy or rent Prolyte products; it provides an overview of events, campus seminars and exhibitions all in one place. If you’re a Prolyte stockist, don’t miss this unique and free opportunity to join the network – send us your details to confirm your listing. Your company will appear on both the Locator app as the Prolyte website.

More information about the Prolyte Locator app can be found here.


Download the free Prolyte Locator app IOS

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Staging manager Shahid kept happy and Prolyte decks made this job so easy and kept the venue happy as well

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