Hawthorn relies on Prolyte truss for safe Drone show


Hawthorn relies on Prolyte truss for safe Drone show

UK based Prolyte distributor Hawthorn was responsible for building a Drone enclosure at the Farnborough International Airshow. X30 and H30 Prolyte truss was used to build the Flight Arena to house this year’s UK Drone Racing Masters.

Creative technical production expert Hawthorn recently worked in collaboration with the prestigious Farnborough International Airshow and the UK Drone Show to create a custom-made drone enclosure to house all the action for this year’s UK Drone Racing Masters.

The UK Drone Show coming to the airshow made this the world’s largest drone gathering and saw the very best FPV pilots come together to compete to take the title of ‘UK Drone Racing Masters Champion’.
With all the action taking place in a “Flight Arena” complete with a challenging array of obstacles, Hawthorn worked closely with Airshow organisers to create a custom-made enclosure for the two-day event. Constructed from truss and netting, the 60m x 30m structure made sure the drones stayed within the arena and spectators attending the show were safe.
FPV Drone Racing is a new competitive sport in which pilots fly quad-copter drones around courses at speeds up to 120mph. Pilots steer from the point of view of the drone by wearing First Person View (FPV) goggles that display a live image transmitted by an onboard camera.  
X30 and H30 Prolyte truss was used to build the Flight Arena, taking a four-person crew three days to construct. Split into two sections, 2 six-metre-long tunnels formed a link between the structures, ensuring pilots were faced with a challenging flight. The relatively small size of the truss in relation to its strenght and loading capacity ensures a structural safe and slender build, accomodating an unhindered view on the spectacle.
Ryan Grant, Hawthorn Project Manager, said “This is the first time that the UK Drone Show has been held at Farnborough International Airshow so it was great to get on board and work on such a unique project. The enclosure was a resounding success and received some great feedback from both the organisers and the drone pilots.”
Nick Fielding, Event Planner at Farnborough International said “We could not have been happier with the Drone Arena built by Hawthorn for the Farnborough International Airshow 2016. We believe this structure for FPV racing was a first and it was a real talking point at the event. Participants and spectators loved the excitement created by the structure. A great job, done professionally and on time by a fantastic company. I couldn't recommend Hawthorn more.”

More info: hawthorn.biz

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Prolyte StageDex are light, super strong and easily manageable, and the fact that DWR can supply me with whatever I need to add or bolt on is a bonus

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