Successful Product Managers training for Prolyte Asia Pacific


The Product Managers and Service Point Update was very well received by all participants. Receiving knowledge directly from the experts and being able to exchange experiences with peers proved to be very valuable in enhancing safety awareness. The yearly update training for distributors and service points was held from 7-9 June at the office of PAP in Malaysia. at PAP's office from 7th to 9th June, 2016.

The training is part of Prolyte Group's initiative to support its distributing partners with the best and most up-to-date knowledge and to create awareness on the safe use of Prolyte's products. The training team, consisting of Eric Laanstra, Michiel van der Zijde and Jasper van der Sluis put together an intensive training programme, specially tailored for these participants.
All participants were lectured on updated information on the Prolyte product range, new technical insights and the latest updates on regulations and standards and their effect on our industry. Tips and Tricks on ProLyft, Prolyte Structures and StageDex, as well as a hands-on ground support build, were also shared with the participants

Extra attention was given to a hands-on session for the VERTO truss, Prolyte’s recently introduced new truss type with a rotating coupling system. Receiving knowledge directly from the experts, combined with the exchange experiences with a large group of peers proved to be the perfect platform to network and talk about issues such as safety and awareness. All participants acclaimed the informative and hugely interesting programme, stating they increased their knowledge. As Menze van der Sluis, Managing Director PAP commented: “This is really what the training is all about, creating more intrinsic safety by increasing peoples’ knowledge. It’s very rewarding to see that this is met with so much enthusiasm and dedication.

From the first informative talks to the final implementation, Prolyte has proven its value as a knowledge partner throughout the entire process

Enrico Daamen Controllux