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Celebrating the 25th anniversary of Prolyte Group we highlight our achievements and look forward to new challenges. Quality and safety have always been pivotal in the company philosophy of Prolyte, the centre of product design is our unrelenting strive for innovation as the only way to remain ahead of the game. Listening to the people that use our products on a daily basis and making their live easier and safer is our main drive.

We have kicked off the year with a celebration party with our distribution network, but we won’t stop at that. Sales promotions, a special Prolight + Sound exhibition edition and some nice social media campaigns will follow to engage all that have supported Prolyte over these years and to celebrate together.

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Our experiences with this new ProLyft system are really positive. Rigging and outlining line-array systems is now very fast and accurate. Furthermore, the installing teams we’re a pleasure to work with.

Arnold van Duijn Chief Operational Services, Concertgebouw Amsterdam