Winners of the merchandise competition


As part of our jubilee year we gave you the chance to win some cool Prolyte jackets and rigging gloves. Last month we asked you to send us your personal story (or pictures) to show us why you love Prolyte. We received lots of pictures (of small and big projects) and stories (recent stories and from longer ago), from Prolyte users from all over the globe. We really appreciated everything we received, so thanks everyone who submitted their entry!

Winners have been contacted. Here are some stories and pictures which we received.

Entry by Mario Hoogerheijde, Glind Media
"'De Glind' is a small village in The Netherlands that offers shelter to more than 100 youngsters who can't live at home anymore. These children will be coached and trained to further develop their (hidden) qualities. Sometimes they turn out to be talented musicians.
To offer them a stage to show their abilities to audiences, we've bought a Prolyte truss construction. The kids learn to build the stage, work with lights and sound and make videos of the performances. It's a great way to play together but sometimes it also helps them to make decisions for the future. A boy who wanted to be gardener, is now a student at the film academy.
The choice for Prolyte truss was an easy one. We wanted the best quality and there are rental partners in our area, so we can always expand our stage. To further expand our stock we used the Prolyte Truss Exchange Programme, so we could exchange our old redundant truss."

Prolyte Truss for Glind Media

Entry by Aleksey Vinogradov
"The story began
in 2014, when I, being a 19 year old boy, built my first complex Prolyte MPT Roof 10x12. I am very proud that I now know all the stages of the assembly of this structure. I am also proud that Prolyte has reached such heights as a production company and thereby the development of its roof systems. In my opinion, Prolyte is the best company that creates products for entertainment. I enclosed an photo of the last project I worked on."

Prolyte MPT Roof

Entry by Paul Gladish, President at Professional Sound & Lighting
I attended LDI in 2014 and met with staff from Prolyte Sales through our rep from AC Lighting, Canada. I was impressed with not only the construction but the quick assembly and weight load capacities of the H30V truss. They took their time to discuss their truss in detail and explain load bearing capacities, etc. In early 2015, I came across the “Prolyte Truss Exchange Program” on the Internet and discussed it with my Rep. It didn’t take more than a week to make a decision with our staff to turn in our old truss in and exchange for new Prolyte H30V truss.
Within 30 days, we had our old truss picked up right from our shop and had 300 feet of new Prolyte H30V truss delivered to our door.
When we introduced the new Prolyte Truss with a contract we have with the TD Place Arena in our city, the Local IATSI couldn’t believe the light weight of the 3 Meter sections and how fast the truss could be assembled. We cut assembly time by 2/3 over our previous truss system using bolts, washers and nuts. It was the fastest truss they had ever come across to assemble. I have attached pictures of the truss assembly, hoisting and hanging of 40’ curtains to turn our hockey arena into a Curtain Bowl of Black Velour for Live Venues.

Entry by Nick Dunsbergen, student stage technician
"I'm still a student but I've already worked a lot with truss. As a student Stage technician I work with Prolyte truss to, for example, practise slinging. Besides that, I also work at a rental company where we have a broad range of Prolyte truss. I've worked on multiple small productions where Prolyte truss was used for the constructions.
A while ago I visited a Prolyte Campus event in Hilversum (The Netherlands). I've learned a lot and I try to use this knowledge in practice as much as possible. I love to work with Prolyte because the products are reliable and the information on the website is clear."

Entry by Joe Bailey, Freelance Event Technician

"My first encounter of Prolyte products and systems was while studying a BSc in Live Event Technology at the University of South Wales. Many of the projects I carried out at my university involved working with Prolyte products. It is my belief that the flying and rigging principles we were taught were done using Prolyte due to: their impeccable manufacture quality, ease of construction, durability and the support and information available. Due to the freely available information about every single Prolyte item in the build, our calculations were extremely accurate. In building of designs, construction was very simple yet incredibly robust using the conical coupling system. We were introduced to Prolyte at this stage of our careers as I believe their products are innovative, safe and an industry standard in many applications. From this I will take away that in the future whenever I am faced with Prolyte, I know construction will not be an issue, connection won’t be an issue and most of all. It will be safe."

Entry by Herman Zigterman, freelancer
"As a freelancer, I work a lot with Prolyte products. Last year a colleague of mine came up with another great solution how a StageDex can be used during a barbecue ;-)"

Entry by Jorge Valente Vallejo Ramirez, Toluca Estado de Mexico
"We are a company dedicated to rent video equipment audio and lighting, we work exclusively with Prolyte products. This event was in Metepec Mexico in October, production for a group called "Los Angeles Azules", well known in Mexico. It's a Prolyte roof, combined with StageDex, X30 sticks, Prolyft 1 and 1/2 ton hoists."

Entry by Glenn van Kessel
"This is a picture of the We Are Electric festival 2016. We used Prolyte H30V for 10 truss spans. The 7 spans in the middle were connected to the stage behind the DJ booth."

Entry by Ronen Ben-Harosh, Lighting Programmer/Operator & Consultant
"So one of the last gigs I did, I do lights mainly, is for the Israeli Tv channel 1. We used ProLyft motors to hang circle trusses and 10 times 5 meter trusses like the shape of the sun... Love your stuff!"

Entry by Yannick Taalman, CEO - Lumair Showcontrol
"We had our first full service event on New Year's Eve. For this production we only used Prolyte X30V. The trusses work great, are of excellent quality and they are lightweight. Next week we'll have another event for the same organisation, so the collaboration was a success, partly thanks to you Prolyte!
Trusses we used:
1x X30V L400,  8X X30V L300,  8X X30V L200,  7X X30V L100,  6X X30V L50
6X X30V C002,  2X X30V C003,  2X X30V C012,   2X BASEPLATE"





Our Prolyte system still stood proud after Manila was hit by a typhoon, where other constructions had major problems or even collapsed

Philip Santos Owner of Forsk Ink