Prolyte cooperates with UK distributors on knowledge transfer


This year again, Prolyte Group brings a wealth of knowledge to its UK based truss users and owners. A series of Prolyte Campus events is held on several locations, thereby supporting its customer base on the safe use of truss systems.

Prolyte Campus is a Prolyte Group initiative to support its customers with the best and most up-to-date knowledge available. Providing the tools and training to use the Prolyte Group products safely and in compliance with applicable standards and regulations will help users perform better and safer.

Prolyte Campus offers a complete program of learning activities to create awareness on the safe use of Prolyte products and is organized in cooperation with the Prolyte distribution network.

“Here at AC-ET we’ve long been advocates of specialised equipment training and recognise the responsibility to our customers of ensuring the world class products we sell can be used in a safe and effective manner. Our partnership with Prolyte in delivering Prolyte Campus is driven by our firm belief that education is the key to success” states Matthew Millward, Rigging Sales Manager at AC-ET


“Now running for a couple of years, people really start to see the value of what we bring” comments Paul Hadfield, Prolyte Group distributor manager. “We try to create awareness on the safe use in daily practise and we often see that there is still a lack of proper knowledge. It’s simple – you just can’t give too much training”.


Adam Blaxill at Stage Electrics added: “We ran a Prolyte Campus back in February and it was so popular that we are running another on 12th September. This training caters for all abilities and knowledge levels, covering the principles behind trussing through to more advanced discussions about loading, it was extremely informative. We had some seasoned technicians take part who all felt they had added to their knowledge of rigging and trussing by attending.” 


All UK based distributors will organise a Campus event, so this year Stage Electrics, Hawthorn, AED distribution and AC-ET all have organised or will organise events. The events are free and open to all who are interested.

Apart from the UK, Prolyte is organizing Prolyte Campus events globally on a regular basis. An up-to-date overview can be found on the Prolyte Campus page on our website.


Prolyte Campus

Based on the high quality products from Prolyte and their ever-enthusiastic support we were able to open up new markets and develop new business opportunities

Laurynas Paškevicius Stage Technical Service, Lithuania