VBMS relies on ProLyft hoists for offshore projects


ProLyft chain hoists were chosen by VBMS, a company specialised in subsea power cable installations for Wind farms, SURF installation for the oil & gas market and more. To make a connection between windmills and the mainland VBMS uses special cable-laying ships. Several ProLyft hoists, supplied by Prolyte Asia Pacific, are deployed per ship and are temporarily installed in the windmills of a wind farm.

In order to fit the power cable in the windmill, a temporary winch is used. This winch, with a self-weight of about 200kg, is lifted and positioned in the mast of the windmill by means of the chain hoist supplied by ProLyft.

VBMS, with a portfolio including major offshore developments in Europe and beyond, complies with strict European and international industry standards. That is why they conducted extensive research prior to the choice of the chain hoist. User friendliness under harsh conditions and meeting the high safety requirements as imposed by their clients were the main considerations. Easy service on board was also a requirement, as delay in the project operations is not an option.

ProLyft could distinguish itself by offering an "entertainment" solution. Flexibility, user-friendliness and "road-proof" are no issues for the ProLyft hoists, where industrially-oriented suppliers had to check whether they would meet the demands.



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