Distributor Awards presentation in 2018


On September 10, 2018, Prolyte Group, one of the world leading manufacturers of truss, staging and hoists, presented 2018 Distributor Awards at International Training Center (ITC), Germany during their Partner Immersion Event (PIE). 

PIE is the bi-annual event for distributors from all over the world to embrace the supportive atmosphere from each other and together with the Prolyte people. Prolyte Group shares the knowledge with the latest industry trends and changes, while distributors transfer the dynamic information to Prolyte Group that allows them to provide close-to-market products and services. 

“Investing in our partners for a long-standing relationship is a priority.” says Lambert Bouwmeester, Prolyte’s Chief Executive Officer. 

At the end of the PIE, Prolyte Group presented the Distributor Awards which recognize Prolyte Group’s outstanding distribution partners based on sales performance, project realization, training organization, business development and brand enhancement.

Prolyte Group is a company whose business is widespread all over the world and becomes more and more prosperous nowadays. This success could not be realized without the effort from their distributors who are dedicated in growing Prolyte’s business and their customer base.

To thank our partners for the trust, support and contribution to the Prolyte brand, Prolyte Group presented the following awards to their distributors:


Platinum Award ProlyteStructures    AED Distribution
Platinum Award StageDex    AED Distribution
Platinum Award StageDex    Bellalite
Platinum Award ProlyteStructures    Cast C.Adolph & RST Distribution
Platinum Award ProLyft    DWR Distribution
Platinum Award ProLyft    Huss Licht & Ton
Platinum Award StageDex    Stage Electrics
Project of the Year Award    DP Music
Project of the Year Award    EES - Entertainment Equipment Supplies
Consistent Development Award    Electro Waves
Best Newcomer Award    Huss Licht & Ton
Regional Development Award    Stage Electrics
Prolyte Campus Award    Controllux
Prolyte Campus Award    Prolight
Strategic Growth Award    AC Lighting
Brand Ambassador Award - Special Contribution    Bart de Smet (AED Distribution)
Brand Ambassador Award - Special Contribution    Jan Siemons (Relight)
Brand Ambassador Award - Special Contribution    Robert Winters (Rolight)


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