Prolyte Centre Stage Caracas


During the festivities to celebrate the founding of Caracas last July 24-27th, a Prolyte construction was erected at the plaza Diego Ibarra, where most of the festivities were held.

The Prolyte MPT roof of 12x 12 meters proved to be the perfect setting for a score of musical talents. Additional to that 30 meters of crowd barriers were erected in front of the stage to guarantee the safety of the audience.

Grupo Zonico were asked to supply the technical equipment for this festival, based on the technical requirements, they sat down with Prolyte distributor for Venezuela, Audio Concept, to select the right type of equipment. The ease of building and the excellent support they got from both Audio Concept and proved for them that Prolyte was the right choice.

As Jean Paul Gaspard from Audio Concept commented: ”Selling a roof system is a complex procedure, a roof system is an investment for the long term and the owner needs not only to know how to build it correct and safely, but also should be aware how to use it most efficiently on future projects. The support we get from Prolyte really makes the difference”.

From the first batch of truss we bought, we were totally convinced Prolyte was the right choice.

Richard Fiedler Owner Fiedler Veranstaltungstechnik