Product Focus - ProLyft Aetos Hoist Range


The Aetos range is fully equipped to meet future demands in lifting equipment and offers clever features and carefully engineered product attributes. It comprises standard 250kg, 500kg, and 1000kg hoists and controls.

Prolyft Aetos hoistProlyft Aetos hoist 1000kg


Why choose ProLyft Aetos Hoist Range

  • Every hoist is equipped with limit switches
  • It has a fixed speed of 4-meters per minute
  • The Aetos has a damage reducing housing design with replaceable smooth bumpers on covers
  • Specially designed disentangle plate for optimal chain feeding
  • Jam-free steel chain guide
  • The hoist can handle this, but it's good rigging practice to avoid piles of chain or twisted chain
  • 90% reduction of locking chains by usage of specially designed disentangle plate

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Other advantages that you can expect 

  • Limit switches on all hoists, preventing hoists from overload when running against the stop
  • Simple adding of a second brake
  • Covers equipped with safety-steel and captive bolts and easily rotatable for motor-up use
  • Clutch outside the load-brake line
  • Identification tag on every hoist
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Worldwide Service Points 



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Worldwide Service Points 

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Technical Specifications on Aetos Standard Hoist


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ProLyft Aetos controllers have been engineered with an understanding of the needs of rigging operators. The front panel layout and the functionality of the buttons have been carefully designed to meet.


designed for:

  • Professional rental companies, demanding a flexible control system to facilitate the frequent change of lifting configurations, offering both easy operation and a clear overview of the selected and operated hoists.
  • Permanent installations, where controllers are centralised and operated remotely; and where there is a growing demand for multiple remotes and E-stops.
  • Use with touch screen remotes, enabling you to create groups of hoists or patch your hoists to any control position.

With special LED indicators

  • LED indicators for “power”, “breaker trip” and “operational”.
  • LED indicators to show the selection per switch.
  • LED output automatically adjusts to light conditions:
    • Bright in the sun.
    • Soft in the darkness of a stage.



The unique Aetos remote control has 24 channels. Its ergonomic design makes it easy to handle and operate. The up and down buttons are situated on both the left and right sides of the panel to facilitate both left and right handed operation. The remote control connects to the controller using the Thuja network connection (7pin XLR). Indicators on the front panel show errors, selections and availability.

prolyft-aetos-PAE-C24R-10-remote-control AETOS 24 CHANNEL

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Prolyft Aetos hoist

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