Introducing Entertainment Lease North America - a Prolyte exclusive

Introducing Entertainment Lease North America - a Prolyte exclusive
Prolyte is excited to introduce Entertainment Lease, a selection of tailored finance solutions to suit your unique business needs. Media and entertainment technology changes at a rapid pace, and your company needs access to the latest equipment and most innovative products to remain competitive. Don’t let budget restrictions stop you from obtaining state of the art entertainment equipment! With Entertainment Lease, your company can: 
  • Always have the latest equipment.
  • Spread the cost of equipment over monthly payments and use cash flow for business operations.
  • Eliminate high acquisition costs and conserve working capital.
  • Access capital tied up in inventory and enable your business to expand.

What is Entertainment Lease?

Entertainment Lease is a lease/finance/factoring service exclusively for Prolyte distributors, resellers and end-users in the entertainment industry. Entertainment Lease knows the industry and understands the equipment that supports your business. We offer several solutions for leasing equipment including truss, rigging and hoists, sound systems, audio & video, lighting, LED-screens, and much more. 

Lease – 0 percent for 36 months on Prolyte equipment (for a limited period). Equipment from other suppliers will be subject to standard rates.

Sale & Lease Back - Did you purchase equipment in the last six months? You can access instant cash flow by selling it to Entertainment Lease and leasing it back.

Stock Financing - Release working capital from your inventory. For the entertainment business with a fast turnaround of high-value inventory, stock finance can keep levels replenished even when cash flow is slow. With a revolving credit facility, you won’t have to pass up on deals if you’re short on working capital, and slow-moving payments won’t hamper your sales potential.

Working Capital Finance - Your company can borrow against future receivables by transferring the rights to the finance company for a small fee.

Who should use Entertainment Lease?

  • Event production companies
  • Broadcast companies
  • Distribution companies
  • Display & Exhibit companies
  • Professional sports organizations
  • Theatres
  • Audio/Video companies
  • Live venues
  • Rental companies
Prolyte will offer some of the most attractive financing terms in the industry including a limited time offer of 0% financing for a period of 36 months starting May 1, 2019, and ending August 31, 2019 available only in United States and Canada for Prolyte only products.

Companies across the entertainment industry rely on the finance solutions offered by Entertainment Lease to install, upgrade and refresh needed entertainment assets. Our flexible plans allow you to build your stage or event with equipment from multiple vendors and manufacturers, then finance it all in one Master Lease Agreement.

All financial solutions are subject to credit approval.

Ascentium Capital, a leading provider of equipment and technology financing solutions, is a financial partner of Entertainment Lease for the United States and Canada.

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