Ground Anchor

Ground Anchor
Ballast is an integral part of temporary demountable structures. Due to the relative low self-weight of temporary demountable structures, mostly a counter-weight is necessary to maintain construction stability. Applying ballast proper at a temporary demountable structure can be hard and requests for heavy machinery and large transport volumes.
The new Prolyte Ground Anchor combines all elements of proper ballast for temporary demountable structures in a small and easy to install article. 

Special designed anchors

The Prolyte Ground Anchors are special designed anchors, 50mm diameter and available in three lengths, 840mm, 1050mm and 1260mm. Where normal anchors (round pegs) have an allowable maximum vertical load of 300kg, Prolyte Ground Anchors can be loaded from 550kg till 2200kg per anchor, depending on the length of anchor and the subsoil. Loading figures are available for the available anchor lengths in combination with several types of subsoil. Furthermore, a test rig is available which can perform tensile tests on anchors to check the actual tensile load on the anchors at the specific location. The test rig can be used without the use of external power supplies.


A wide range of accessories is available for the Prolyte Ground Anchor, which creates a wide range of application of the anchors. Special brackets for Truss tower bases (MPT-004) are available, in which the Prolyte Ground Anchor can be installed, creating a dedicated position of the ballast with a pure activation of the ballast at the position were the temporary demountable structure needs it.


The Prolyte Ground Anchors can be installed either manually or with power tools. Due to its special design, the anchor can be installed within 30sec. Dismantling and removing the anchors is even quicker. By just rotating the anchor once 360º with a wrench, a 1000kg anchor can be removed by hand. Using the Prolyte Ground Anchor results in a quick, easy, low transport volume, dedicated and proper ballast solution for temporary demountable structures.

Technical Specs

  • 50mm diameter
  • Available in three length sizes, 840mm, 1050mm and 1260mm.
  • Prolyte Ground anchors can be loaded from 550kg till even 2200kg per anchor, depending on the length of anchor and the subsoil.


A Prolyte MPT12x10 roof structure requests for +/-15.200kg ballast (equals 16x a water tank of 1x1x1m = 16m³ of transport volume). With the Prolyte Ground Anchors the same amount of ballast can be generated by means of 16x 1050mm anchors (transport volume of 0.04m³). Which is 400x less transport volume!