Winners of the Prolyte Christmas Contest

Winners of the Prolyte Christmas Contest
First of all: thanks to everyone who participated for their incredible contributions. We have had contests before, but we never had these many contestants like this year. Turns out you guys really want that Prolyte jacket! And if you didn’t win: don’t worry, we will let you know how you can get a jacket (or any other kind of Prolyte gear) next year. So keep an eye on our newsletters, website and social media in 2019.
It was a lot of fun to see what kind of great things people build with Prolyte products. Every picture has its own story; some can be seen at first glance and some can have a fascinating background story. Either way, we are thrilled that Prolyte products inspire our users to use their creativity.

The Winner: Simon ‘Captain’ Howdy

As it was quite a hard choice to pick a winner, everyone at the Prolyte HQ chose their three favourite pictures. It was a close call, but we can announce that the winner is Simon ‘Captain’ Howdy. He submitted the above picture with the description: “Backstage can be beautiful too”. That is exactly why everyone in the office liked the image, as we just love truss a lot. It is a picture of a Prolyte Mammoth truss ground support, supplied by Malecon ltd. So congratulations on your jacket, Captain.


Second place

Deciding who would be second and third was a lot harder, as two pictures got an equal amount of points. So instead of telling you who are second and third, we can show two contestants who got second and one who got third. In random order the three winners of a Prolyte goodie bag:

Gustav Rahmquist
The picture by Gustav Rahmquist is a great example that you can use Prolyte products for far more than the entertainment industry. With truss and StageDex they built a ramp for Tough Viking, a brutal obstacle race. Have a look and see if you think you are tough enough.

Joni Heininen
@jonionioni is a regular supplier of pictures to our Instagram feed. We spotted this picture back in June and liked it a lot: it gives a good view of what it is like being up in the Prolyte XXL Roof, but also of the mental state of our users. After all, it is completely normal to take an inflatable crocodile with you when you are building a roof structure, right? Congratulations on the price, Joni Heininen, and thanks for making us laugh :)

Merry Christmas!

Kyle Bradley Nel
As it is the end of the year, a Christmas picture should definitely be amongst the winners. Kyle Bradley Nel of AVS (South Africa) showed his creativity with this Christmas tree made of truss. Merry Christmas to everyone!

Thanks for all, for your great pictures, your stories, your support, feedback and making this a great year.

Let’s build more great things together in 2019!