Creative Technology Expands Verto Truss Inventory

Creative Technology Expands Verto Truss Inventory
Prolyte’s  Verto truss system was used by Creative Technology (CT) at the Kia, Hyundai, Genisis, Audi, Jaguar/Land Rover booths during the New York International Auto Show at the Jacob Javits Center, New York, NY, in April. The New York International Automobile Show became North America’s first automotive exhibition in 1900, and brought new and innovative ideas to a national and world stage.
After a successful LA Auto Show in late 2018 using Verto truss, Creative Technology is expanding their Verto inventory.

Ian Dobson, Project Manager/Lighting, Creative Technology, states, “Verto truss has allowed us to build the truss portion of the structure much quicker as the install time is almost 50% faster than pin-based truss. We have also seen an approximate 40% savings in drayage expenses for shipping the truss as Verto is much lighter.”

Dobson further states, “Many of the venues like the Jacob Javits Center in NYC have weight constraints. The Verto truss system allows us to hang more lights as it maximizes weight limits, which is vital for this type of show. With so many advantages, our goal is to refit all booths at the auto shows with Verto truss.”


Verto truss is based on an innovative approach of truss connection, where a rotating coupler system joins the sections. The name Verto is derived from Latin, meaning ‘to turn’ or ‘to turn around,’ and that’s exactly how this coupler type works. A simple flick of your wrist will manage to connect the truss. Prolyte introduced the new Verto 40 series, including Verto 40V and 40R at the Prolight and Sound 2019 Conference held in Frankfurt, Germany this past April.

Keith Bohn, General Sales Manager North America states, “We are very excited that Ian and his team at CT have been early adopters of this ground-breaking technology. CT has experienced first-hand, the extraordinary benefits the Verto system provides, and we continue to welcome more visionaries to the ever-growing family of Verto converts in North America.”  

CT purchased the trusses from A.C. Lighting, a distributor for Prolyte Group in North America.