PRG chooses Prolyte Truss for the biggest Musical in Belgium

PRG chooses Prolyte Truss for the biggest Musical in Belgium

Studio 100 had the great honour to organise the musical 40-45. To make this grand technical concept possible, Studio 100 built a Pop-Up theatre in the city Puurs in Belgium. The whole concept has been tailor-made, including moving grandstands. The musical 40-45 has become an exceptional production on all levels.
In addition to spectacular scenes with many special effects, the audience was impressed with music and memorable images. This technical concept with moving grandstands and sound via personal headphones ensured that all spectators were drawn into the story in a unique way.

Helping you building great things

PRG & Prolyte faced a big challenge in the rigging field. There was a need of 866 meters truss to create the complete structure.

Bruno Lerminiaux, Prolyte Distributor Manager and Product Manager ProlyteSystems: “I still remember the call from Bob Walpot, Director of Operations & Asset Strategy at PRG. Due to the complexity of the entire setup, it was a very last minute decision which and how many trusses were needed for this project. Everything was produced, powder coated and delivered within 2 weeks; it turned out to be a nice challenge.”

Bob Walpot adds: “It is for this reason that PRG and Prolyte have been doing business together for years. The fact that they always put all the effort in thinking along with us in designing our projects is exactly the reason why we became good partners. A supplier that you can trust and that keeps its promises is essential for a company like PRG and makes Prolyte a reliable partner.”