Prolyte production process impresses customers

Prolyte production process impresses customers
On February 13th, the Prolyte Group factory in Romania welcomed customers from multiple countries for an immersive tour through the production facility. Visitors included Prolyte distributors, sales partners, rental companies, ProLyft Service Points and end users: 

Furthermore, Eddie Slotboom (Prolyte Group Projects director) and Kirsha van Egmond (Prolyte Group Internal Sales), joined for their first visit to Romania. Peter-Tjalling Siertsema (Prolyte Group Distributor Manager) and Iiro Jager (Prolyte Group Distributor Manager) completed the group.

Björn Arnason from Bellalite: “The visit to the Prolyte factory was very imposing. It was interesting to see the logic flow throughout the factory and to experience the good work environment. If you have the opportunity to visit the factory, you will experience that the Prolyte staff is delightful and make you feel welcome.”

Prolyte Technical Manager Craig Huskins gave a special introduction to the different aspects of the production flow; from incoming raw materials control, the cutting of tubes, the procedures of welding the couplers to the main tubes, welding the trusses, quality checks to the packing of the products. The ultra-modern factory and production processes impressed the visitors, as did the tour from Craig.

Sergey Rybinskiy from Stagemarket: “The visit was very interesting and educational, the whole production process was shown. The factories are impressive. One more confirmation that Prolyte products are the safest around.”

Eddie Slotboom (Projects director Prolyte Group): “It was nice to meet all these entertainment professionals and to talk with them, not only about work. They were surprised by the way our products are produced in Romania, especially with all safety steps taken during and after the welding process, to be sure the product is perfect.”

Jan Siemons from Relight Group: “A big thanks, also from the guys from Gigant, for the factory visit. In my opinion, this shows the way and philosophy Prolyte works. My compliments for a great time at the restaurant, which shows that Prolyte manifests itself as a big family. I know for sure that all attendees have experienced the same feeling!”

Iiro Jager (Distributor Manager Prolyte Group): “The factory-visit shows our customers what Prolyte represents. I would encourage more customers to join this experience, as we are proud of our work and the brand Prolyte. Only professionals choose Prolyte!”

Alexey Mazhuga from Spin Music: “I have dreamed for a long time of visiting the Prolyte factory and finally my dream came true. I liked it a lot! Thank you for the opportunity to visit one of the most famous factories in the world, Prolyte.”