Prolyte Truss & Staging used by Arc Studios

Prolyte Truss & Staging used by Arc Studios

Reasons Free-Roam Virtual Reality is a Top Entertainment Attraction 

written by Arc Studios

Have you experienced free-roaming virtual reality? If not, then you are in store for a game changing experience that is out of this world. The latest craze in entertainment by VEX Adventures brings a free-roaming, multiplayer virtual reality attraction that is enhanced with top of the line physical effects and games that are sure to attract more customers. The games provide up to 4-player simultaneous play in a 25 square meter area for short periods of time so that more customers are able to enjoy the experience without hogging all the fun. The small footprint design benefits businesses by providing a higher return on investment per square meter, so your revenue can be maximized. 

VEX Adventure comes with turnkey software and games that can be easily managed and operated by one person through a single touchscreen, effectively cutting the cost of operations and staff training. What makes VEX Adventures unique is the special effects that have been integrated into the system for a truly immersive experience. Players senses are heightened by the additional adrenaline rush from each game that attracts crowds of customers.

Latest Games

VEX Adventures comes with several adrenaline rush games that are guaranteed to keep customers coming back for more. Mission Z, a spine-chilling, zombie filled adventure places players in a creepy mansion, and after accidentally activating a game they weren’t supposed to, players are tasked with finding several ways out to escape and complete the game. Rush Z, a challenging and competitive survival game, places players in a graveyard where they have to shoot their way through zombie hordes and lead the team to victory. Eclipse, a non-stop out of this world adventure sends four players on a relief mission into space to rescue a previous space mission crew that have lost all communication. In the beginning, the players are separated into two teams, one will head to Eclipse I, while the other team will stay on Eclipse II and guide Eclipse I. Player collaboration is key to winning this challenging space odyssey while navigating various locations (cockpit, oxygen garden hangers & spacewalk). Eclipse is an adventure filled with riddled enigmas and choice, and various endings where the players could experience the game again by changing teams.

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Products in used:

Truss: H30V

Staging: Stagedex