HT Tower and sleeve block

HT Tower and sleeve block

Catalogue number: HT-010

With the introduction of the HT Tower, Prolyte has an upgrade on the MPT Tower. The HT tower is based on H30V truss sections and employs a new type of sleeve block that fits the 40 square series truss on all four sides by means of bolted CCS6 couplers (either male or female). In combination with an adapter plate, it is also possible to use the sleeve block with either H40R or H30V truss, to maintain full capacity of the truss.


  • Fully bolted sleeve block, making it stronger than welded versions.
  • Same size as the standard 40 series box corners.
  • Suitable for H40V truss.
  • Sleeve block with attachment points on four sides for eyebolts
  • Improved strength compared to the
  • MPT sleeve block.
  • Easy to use dead hang system.
  • Adapter plate available for other truss series (H30V and H40R).

The HT sleeve block is a fully bolted structural element, making it much stronger and more precise than conventional welded versions. Compared to the current MPT sleeve block, the HT sleeve block is reduced in size and has the same measurements as the standard H40V box corner. The transfer of forces is optimised, which makes the element as strong as the truss is — creating a significant increase of for example cantilever loads.  Also, a dedicated guywire attachment is integrated into the sleeve block. The sleeve block has on all 4 sides wire thread holes which are suitable to attach eye bolts which can take guywires to stabilize your system. 

The HT tower also has a new dead hang solution. The dead hang of the system can now be done by a dead hang pin which will be placed thru the sleeve block in a special H30V tower section with a length of 50 cm.  This dead hang solution is quick, lightweight, easy to attach and protects your system also against uplift. The top section (MPT-009S) and base section (MPT-004) can facilitate the use of either a hand winch or a chain hoist.