Mammoth Ground Support System

Mammoth Ground Support System

Extending the Mammoth range

The massive Mammoth M145RV truss can now be combined with a complete ground support system, consisting of a specially designed base section, top section, D75T tower and sleeve block to accommodate heavy loading and large spans.

One complete integrated system for extreme loading needs

Complex systems like the Mammoth truss are used by a few, well-experienced and knowledgeable companies only, like Malecon. Prolyte used their feedback to further develop the individual components into a complete integrated system. As Thorsten Klein, Managing Director of Malecon comments: “We see a growing demand for these extreme load-bearing structures. You need the user expertise as well as the truss components to be able to fulfil that demand. Prolyte is both competent and capable of translating that demand in a great product.”

Extreme strength, massive loading

While the D75T towers can be loaded up to 30 tonnes at a height of 20m., building a complete grid or ground support system requires more elements, designed to absorb substantial loads. Using the M145RV Mammoth truss you can build spans up to 60 metres, still allowing a centre point load of 2000 kg. For use in ground support systems, Prolyte has designed a sleeve block for the D75 tower, the D75T-010M145RV, which combines the D75T towers with the M145RV Mammoth truss.  

Check out the build-up of Mammoth truss 60 meters span 


Prolyte M145RV Mammoth Truss Ground Support for NeuroTech China


The sleeve block can handle a cantilever point load of 2000 kg. at a 10m. cantilever. Furthermore, the sleeve block is equipped with a pinned dead hang system, this facilitates a dedicated dead hang position within the tower and increases the tower loading capacity significantly. Sliding the dead hang pin into its integrated holder within the tower is easy, quick and safe.

Separate parts of the system

The Mammoth ground support includes to following items to be combined with the D75T tower, sleeveblock and the Mammoth M145RV truss:


Box Corner 

The specially designed box corner for Mammoth truss, the BOX-M145RV equals the loading capacity of the Mammoth truss and can be used to make grid structures. Both the sleeve block and the box corner have integrated dedicated attachments for guy wires and lifting points.


Base Section

The base section can be integrated into a Layher 2072 x 2072 system and creates integral stability for the tower section, which results in an increase of the tower capacity. It features integrated dedicated attachments for guy wires and lifting points.
Providing a user-friendly solution, the base section can be used as a ballast element. The self-weight of the base section can be increased by filling this element with concrete.

Top Section

 The specially designed top section.





Lifting Bracket

A specially designed lifting bracket creates the possibility to integrate your lifting equipment with the sleeve block, without losing trim height. 

Increasing possibilities

Combining these elements into one grid, a temporary structure can be created, capable of absorbing massive loads. Using such structures as mother-grids for indoor and outdoor situations creates larger possibilities to create stunning events or projects.

“We definitely see a trend here”, comments Ralph Stockley, CCO for Prolyte Group, “With the Mammoth ground support we can extend our customer’s possibilities to meet the growing demand for larger spans or structures that can handle heavier loads and build all these great structures in a safe way.”

Technical Specs

BOX-M145RV-0 Box corner for M145RV truss, steel, black coated, self-weight 750kg
SR-BASE-TOP-D75T Base section for D75 tower, steel, black coated, self-weight 1850kg
D75-004-MA Base section for D75 tower, steel, customized
D75T-010-4-M145RV-0  Sleeve block for D75 tower, M145RV attachments, steel, black coated, self-weight 850kg
D75T-009-2T Top section for D75 tower, suited for single reeved 2-tonne hoists, steel, black coated, self-weight 175kg
D75T-L280 dead hang D75T tower with integrated dead hang position, aluminium, self-weight 150kg
D75T-010-safe  Dead hang pin for the D75T tower, steel, self-weight 30kg
D75T-010-ATT  Lifting bracket for the D75T sleeve block, to accommodate single reeved 2-tonne hoist

The Mammoth Ground Support System is available at:

Europe: Malecon

Asia: NeuroTech Asia