Product Focus - Crowd Control Barrier

Product Focus - Crowd Control Barrier
Crowd Control Barrier

The StageDex Crowd Control Barrier is a lightweight crowd control system made of aluminium. It has been developed for use in a multitude of environments from live events and tours, to public celebrations and sporting venues. The Crowd Barrier offers a combination of optimum safety and comfort for the audience as well as a safe working area for rescue personnel. It is designed as a demountable structure; setup and assembly are quick and easy, requiring a minimum amount of tooling. 

Crowd Safety

Prolyte Crowd Control Barrier was designed in accordance with strict design criteria and complies with all health and safety regulations such as; “Temporary Demountable Structures”, “Technical Standards for Places of Entertainment”, DIN 4113 and BS 8118.

Why choose Prolyte Crowd Control Barrier

  • Lightweight crowd control system with a self-weight of just 35 kg per 1m section 
  • Maximum comfort with soft, rounded edges in all profiles
    • The smooth round top bar and the bottom bar incorporate a stainless steel 15mm slot pin that provides easy connection points for the barriers.
  • The bottom side can be secured using a hexagon socket head screw (M12*150mm)
    • Catalogue number: Bar-010-006
  • The design load of the barrier is 4,5 kN/m1
    • The barrier folds flat after use and can be stacked in dollies for easy transportation and storage
    • Fixed and Flex corner types, with extended platform sections  
  • Request your own logo featured on the barrier


Available in SnakeGate and Lineup Gate

The StageDex SnakeGate is a specially designed barrier to accommodate the transit of your cables (“snake”) from the stage to front of house (FOH). The special designed gate leaves enough room in width and height for any type of standard cable ramp to pass through the barrier line. The integrated door facilitates access from the stage to FOH for working technicians or security personnel.

Managing queuing crowds safely
Line-up gates are designed as check points for ticket collection and to manage queuing crowds. The Prolyte LineUpGate offers a simple and efficient tool to control your audience inflow at events or festivals. The modular system can be extended with as many entry gates as you need and can be connected to the standard barriers,  creating one interconnected and safe system. The LineUpGates are designed to remain upright under substantial pressure. The entry gate is 60 cm wide and offers controlled audience entry, passing one person at a time through the gate. If the situation requires, the gates can be closed with one simple handle, stopping the inflow of audience in a controlled way. The LineUpGates can be branded with signs or banners displaying your event logos by standard mounting options.

Check out the Lineup Gate video