WhatsYourStory: HVMC Show- and Veranstaltungstechnik

He, we are Hendrik Deitert, Malte Schön, Neil Bethge and Eric Meier zu Wickern. Our company is, HVMC Show- & Veranstaltungstechnik from Harsewinkel, Germany.
For over 15 years now our company provides good sound, creative lighting and compelling media presentations at events of all sizes. HVMC stands for competence and reliability, even under time pressure and difficult conditions. Not that we have been part of this for so long, we just got involved in this business, it’s fun, each day offers something different – so it’s never boring.

We love to work with Prolyte – it always works. Apart form that, the support is there when you need it – you always get an answer. That is really important when you offer your customers the security of a well managed event. The availability is great also, you can get Prolyte truss almost everywhere.

This is the second time we attend a Prolyte Campus – it’s fantastic that all this vital knowledge is offered – it really helps us in our daily practise.

What we don’t like about Prolyte? To be honest, we haven’t found an answer to that one yet – not even after all these years.

So, what’s your story?